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(Archived) Edit, Clear, Open, but no Copy?

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i tried hard to find my old (and hopefully migrated) posting, but did not find it...

so here my feature request:

if i click the menu on a note's link (small downarrow)

i have those neat options:

Edit, Clear, Open

i'm missing COPY! (to copy the link quickly into the clipboard)

would save some more clicks.

and, to add some dumb behaviour of EN (at least for the mac version):

if the URL in the Link information is too long to display in that tiny tiny short row, the URL is shortened with "...", like "www.evernote.com/some_te..."

if i manage to rightclick the link and choose "copy" (which not always works, i dunno why...maybe because its not supported) the copied text in the clipboard is the shown, so, the shortened URL...

thats quite useless.

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