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(Archived) Drag and Drop of files for import



I have a .SQL file (which is basically just plain text) and I can't seem to drag and drop it onto a notebook to import it. I renamed the file to add a .TXT extension, and then it worked. Is there a way to make the drag and drop import support a bit more robust? I can rename files, but it's a hassle ...


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Thanks for the suggestion. For now, you could probably just double-click on your file to open it in your favorite editor and then:

select all (Cmd-A)

copy (Cmd-C)

paste to evernote (Ctrl-Cmd-V)

quit (Cmd-Q)

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Love the import to note feature when dragging TXT files to Evernote on Mac. Especially that the Mac client names the note with the filename. However, I also use a PC and the PC version imports the note but names it with the first words in the file - dropping the filename entirely. My two cents - PC version should have the same import functionality as Mac - filename being the note name.


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Did an upgrade break this functionality? I recently switched to Mac and was dismayed to find that when I add a pdf file to a note, the note name is simply, "Untitled Note" not the name of the file I added. Is there a way to make the note name be the file name?



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