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From Clothes Sizes To Security


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For me Evernote is a great tool to record oddball things that might otherwise not have a 'home'. I use it to record clothes size tags for myself and others I may wish to buy for. I know people can and do change size but at least my purchases are based on some reality and not just a wild guess. It's also a great security addition e.g. if there is a strange car in the neighbourhood - just take a picture and upload with a little note. But best of all is for recording serial numbers (TV, PC, Phone etc) you never know when you might need them.

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I like this too. I also snap pics of things like printer toner, the inside of lamp (for those crazy lightbulb numbers I can never remember!) and parts for things around the house that may be inconvenient for a "show & tell" at the hardware store.

Super easy to just snap a picture.

Thanks for sharing!

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