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(Archived) Serious lack of formatting options



Just wanted to try and get the attention of any of the evernote developers. There is a serious lack of essential formatting options for the mac version of evernote that really don't seem all that hard to implement. As a scientist trying to use evernote as a lab notebook, the inability to superscript or subscript characters is incredibly frustrating (I realize you can do this on the web version, but it really should not be necessary for me to go to the web version to format my notes) - it really is an essential feature. On the same note, the ability to enter formulas using TeX would be FANTASTIC as would some better ability to use tables for data entry and manipulation. I WOULD PAY FOR THESE FEATURES. The ability to quickly resize pictures within a note would also be nice. It is often necessary to keep the original file as it came out of the system for documentation purposes but for my notes it's nice to have a smaller version just to flip through and look at my data. Making a separate file, and resizing, and then uploading, every single time, is a bit annoying. I've ended up just making a different automater script for each type of file I use, but it really shouldn't be necessary to do things like this.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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A lot of the things you are asking for have been discussed on here a number of times - some of them will probably make it into Evernote I would guess. Others probably won't, remember essential to you may be completely unnecessary or even useless to a large percentage of the Evernote user base.

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