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(Archived) Possible to search for notes which are NOT in a specific notebook




first post on here, loving evernote, can't believe I've been stumbling around for so long trying to get stuff organised and this was here all along!

I'm getting to grips with saved searches and one of the things I'd like to do is to search for all notes which are not in a given notebook. I have set up an "archive" notebook so that I can just chuck stuff in there after I've finished with it. Is it possible to create a view which contains everything that ISN'T in there? i.e. all my current active stuff spread across the various other notebooks I have? Failing that is it possible to remove a note from all notebooks?


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No, I don't think that this is possible. The usual search term negation (e.g., -tag:MyTag for finding notes not tagged with MyTag) doesn't work for notebooks (e.g. -notebook:MyNotebook).

Not sure what you mean by removing a note vfrom all notebooks; a note exists in exactly one notebook at a time.

You could tag every note in the Archives notebook with a special tag (how about 'Archived') and use the -tag:Archived search term...

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I have often wished for the "not Notebook" search option as well, not just for archiving purposes. It is sort of odd that so many other "is / is not" combos do work, but not that one. It would be really useful! As would a "not stack" option.

The tag option is a decent workaround. Another option that might work (depending on your particular notebook setup) would be to put all your OTHER notebooks into a single stack. Then you can search just that stack and ignore the Archive notebook. Of course, this won't do you any good if you need to separate out your other notebooks into separate stacks (which I do, so this doesn't work for me. But I thought I'd toss it out there).

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but looks like you can't have a stack within a stack. Not sure what the reason is for these two restrictions - any one know?

No. But I'm sure there's a valid reason.

Jeff's tag suggestion should work fine.

It would work fine, it's just that it's twice the work to move a note to a notebook AND add a tag of the same name. It seems a bit redundant and would be fixed with a search option of "-notebook".

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