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Android Feature Request: Widget notes sort order



I like on the latest widget the option to have several notes displayed but it's annoying that I have no way to control the ordering of those notes. I believe it uses last modified date. It would be really nice if I could specify the ordering to be something more useful to me. At least it could respect the ordering method used within the main app, but it would be even better if I could independently specify the ordering either from within the main apps settings or at creation time for the widget (which would provide the opportunity to have different widgets with different orderings).


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I would love this too!!!

Update: just noticed that they are actually ordered by last viewed date, which makes them quite easy to quickly re-arrange by just opening and closing the ones you want to see. That said, I would still rather have the same 3 notes of my choice displaying all the time.

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Hey also a widget thing:

When you try to hit the tiny next-bottom, you will be mistanke hit til note-area time after time. Maybe the next/previously bottoms will be better placed below the notes.

It will make me happy


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