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Evernote to create a tactile bilingual children book

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I am in the process of creating a tactile bilingual children book. I am using Evernote to manage this project.

The project is simple : write, create and illustrate a tactile book as well as create a CD to teach French to preschoolers. My intentions are to get information, links and support from my online communities on Twitter, Facebook Evernote and other networking platforms, reading books and journals, contributions from friends and off course professionals.

I have a notebook started but I would welcome any contribution. I can share my notebook with you. Can anyone help please?





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One of our ETC finalists actually used Evernote to create a children's book read by the parent, that the child could follow along with. This sounds tangential. Let me know how this is going and I'll hunt you down that developer...should be in ETC news somewhere.

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