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From what I've seen so far with Evernote and the ways in which I'm using it, I'd be surprised if there weren't a lot of photographers using Evernote creatively. I'm just scratching the surface at the moment, but among the ways I use it, are to gather and organize information on identifying flora and fauna for nature shooting, pinpointing locations when doing street photography, and when collecting research on an audience - a group, organization, etc. for whom I might be planning a talk on photography. Given the image storing and sharing capabilities of Evernote, it's a smooth fit for much of what is done in this arena, it seems. I've shared a few of the ways I'm using it. What are other photographers doing with it?

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I use it to save blog posts about photography techniques and equipment reviews. I also can save model releases in Evernote and I can scan lighting layout diagrams and measurements that I have sketched out. I suppose you could also use the note geolocation feature to take notes about a particular location where you took photographs. Later, you could use the information to geotag your photos or to remember specifically where particular photos were taken, such as nature photographs.

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I also use it to store ideas and tips. I also use it to run my photography business. I keep all of my client information and emails having to do with a client in EN. All of my receipts and kept in EN. I even keep order information in my EN. I love that all of my information is in one place when I need it.

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I store all of my club and RPS committee information on it.

As the club competition secretary I now find EN extremely useful in typing in data to my spreadsheet with the iPad on competition nights. It is then available when I need it on my desktop.

Any tips or data are kept in a specific folder.



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