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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: A Better "Clip to Evernote"

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I love this app so much I signed up for the Premium version. But, recently I have been toying with ZipClip (www.zipclip.com) - which is like a "reverse" Evernote. I love how they implemented their "web clipping" feature - integrated directly into Firefox's shell. So, a quick right-click and it sends images or selected text to my account. Right now, Evernote web clipping means clicking on the bookmarklet, and signing in before it will send the selected items to my account. Much slower and more steps required.

Will Evernote be looking at improving the web clipping feature for Firefox to perhaps something similar? :D I noticed you guys work very quickly on improving features and updating the UI. Hopefully, this will be something that you will consider.

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Just in case you didn't know - the clipper that goes with the desktop version (e.g., windows) works must faster than the bookmarklet for the web version. (And after syncing, your data is in both places.) Anyway, with the desktop clipper, you get both a toolbar button in FF, and a right-click menu item. Then, it's just select what you want and "click" to get it into your database.

Plus, I've had good success with the universal clippers shortcut key, i.e., select what you want, hit caps lock twice, and the selection goes straight to your notebook.

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