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(Archived) Safari Web Clipper-tagging and comments don't work.



Running Safari 5.1.1 and latest web clipper (pretty sure.) I can go to a page, click on the clipper icon, the window opens up and I can choose the notebook. The article is highlighted, but in the clipper window the tag and comment function doesn't work. I click on them but nothing happens. I watched the Chrome clipper video to see if there was another step to do, figuring it was pretty close to how the safari clipper would function, but I am doing the same thing. Odd that I can give the note a name, select the notebook but not add tag or comment.

Any idea why? How to fix this?

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Please check this thread for details on this...


If this is indeed a bug in safari, please consider posting the bug ID and URL. The community might be able to help encourage apple to fix this issue. If it's a webkit issue, we might be able to help provide a patch.

The fact that this broke one of the primary interfaces into evernote simply can't be excused, IMO.

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