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(Archived) Android Ice Cream Sandwich...A Chance for Evernote to Shine and Capitalize!


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Currently, I have a HTC Evo 4G (or as I like to call it, the Evo OG), and no tablet. And as badly as I want to upgrade my phone and purchase a 10"+ Android tablet, there's only one thing holding me back: The ability to write notes with a pen/stylus on my devices AND sync them to Evernote...and yes, this feature alone does play a MAJOR role in my purchasing decision.

I know what some of you are saying: "Well, the HTC Jetstream tablet does that," and, "The Samsung Galaxy Note phone lets you write notes, as well."

About the Jetstream: I LOVE the Notes App that syncs to Evernote (the same on the HTC Flyer/Evo View 4G), but 3 problems:

  1. Only on AT&T (I'm on Sprint, and have ZERO interest to switch)
  2. Overpriced ($900+)
  3. No Wi-Fi version

And the Galaxy Note: Love EVERYTHING about it...but one thing: its S-Memo app doesn't sync to Evernote.

With the introduction of Android 4.0 -- a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) -- comes the native stylus support, a feature that most kinesthetic folks (like myself), artists, writers, and others of the sort salivate over.

The best thing about it: it's OS-integrated, meaning any and every device (smartphones and tablets) running ICS will have this feature.

Evernote...this is YOUR moment!

Many mobile contract expirations are coming up, as well as phone upgrade perks for loyal customers, and MANY of them are eyeballing the new Android devices: those coming with ICS, and others that will be upgraded to ICS.

If you guys can develop an Evernote app that functions similarly -- if not, the EXACT same -- as the Notes app on the Jetstream and Flyer/View 4G, and utilize the native stylus support API from Android, you guys will have something that goes BEYOND brand loyalty!

It wouldn't be limited to just one product or one carrier; those with HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Asus, Acer, LG, and other products would benefit GREATLY, and on EVERY carrier (domestic AND international), which, in turn, rapidly increases your user base!

I apologize for being wordy, but if you could see the potential that I do, you, too, would be excited!

PLEASE roll the dice on this, Evernote, because believe it or not, many of us -- including myself -- are taking you, your company, and this possible writing feature into account when it comes to their next purchasing decision. You DO matter!

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I can tell you that, personally, I'm excited about Android 4.0 as well :)

And if I am, well, imagine what's coming soon...

That sounds promising! I'm still planning the upgrade to a ics device once it's available in my area. It will be a Samsung, Acer doesn't know how to upgrade their Androids, they just make a new line whenever an update comes out.

I'm definitely excited by the stylus support! It might even bring the prices down on current stylus devices since they will lose some niche.

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@heather...thank you for instilling hope and confidence in all of us anticipating this feature! You rock!

@black.rhino...I plan on upgrading my phone to a Samsung Galaxy Note (that is, if it's coming to Sprint); it's on Samsung's short list of devices receiving ICS. As far as tablets, I've made up my mind about the Asus Transformer Prime; that, too, will be shipped with ICS, and given that it's a 10.1" quad-core, with a price point of $499...THAT is awesome! Asus got it right: with processor, features, and (most importantly) price point!

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