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(Archived) I need an Evernote stamp...

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...like the ones that say "paid" that people used to use to stamp bills. I have a LOT of cookbooks. I'm starting to scan the recipes I like & put them in EN but then I make a note that it's in EN. Or business cards my husband carries. I will scan them & mark that they are in EN & return them to him. It would be neat to have a small, green, elephant stamp that I could quickly mark these things so I know they are already "Evernoted."

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Ok, when searching the board today for a thread, I ran across this thread. . Sooooo.... if there were Evernote stickers with the elephant logo AND the QR code to the website, we could stick the codes on things like recipes from a cookbook (to signify we've added it to Evernote) or other items we put into Evernote but decide to keep the hard copy AND we could stick them on our business cards & hand to people to recommend Evernote. (wagging eyebrows)

Of course, you'd also have the whole www.Evernote.com printed on it, too, for those who don't have a QR code reader thingie.

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To clarify, the QR code would just be to www.Evernote.com. So the sticker (for me) would serve two purposes. One being when i pull out my cookbook for the Cold Sesame Noodle recipe, that I see the sticker & know the recipe is Evernoted. (I think Owyn invented that word!) The other being to let people know about EN who won't remember the website. (I know, it's really not that tough but...) So you put a sticker on your business card, cocktail napkin, coaster, whatever & hand it to the person who can't/won't remember Evernote.com The visual of www.Evernote.com would be for most people, probably. Because if they can't remember Evernote.com, they probably don't have a QR code reader on their phone. :)

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