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Audio note playback problem

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First time here, great software!

Audio records fine.

Playback seems doesn't work. Doesn't matter if file is recorded with Evernote or is imported. I tried .wav and .mp3 extensions.

When I click on "play" button, that "button" changes to "pause" (as expected) but slider doesn't move and there is no sound.

Moreover, click on "pause" button or "x" (for delete) seems does nothing - no interaction with left click (except pause button "feels" click, but doesn't react on it).

Right click offers other options, and if choose "open" - nothing.

If choose "open in winamp", it works fine. So it is solution, I *can* hear the sound (recorded or imported), but it is not how one expects this to work.

However, also strange things happens while playback with Winamp - if I close Winamp application before audio clip is finished, I still hear audio til the end of file.

I checked in windows task manager, winamp is ended, but I hear clip and have no way to shut it down :lol: - sliders never move and I still can't delete file.

Huh, hope I am clear about this :)

Thanks in advance for any suggestion and again for great service.

I use Evernote 4.5

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I can play aac, wma & mp3 files just fine. Since EN does not inherently have an audio player built in, you have to have a third party app installed on the computer you're trying to play the audio files on. On my system, EN (apparently) plays aac files in Quicktime, wmas & mp3s in VLC media player, b/c those are the icons displayed with the audio attachment icon in my notes. However, a new QT or VLC window does not open - the audio file just plays.

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It seems this thread is quite old already? Anyway: I have problems with audio notes. I used to record them quite often, using the phone while walking when I suddenly think of something I should do later when I am back to my office.

Since a couple of months:

- sometimes the audio has not been recorded. I can see the icon and the note, but there is no recording inside;

- the absence of a "synchronize" button is a real pain when I need the app to upload quickly the recorded file.

Many thanks if anyone has a solution to one of these two issues.


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Well, it is now mid-2014 and audio notes still don't work in Windows.


I tried switching the default *.m4a player to QuickTime, Windows Media Player, and VLC -- nothing works.


With VLC: don't even see the audio file in the note

With QuickTime: after several seconds, I see the file, but nothing happens after pressing play

With Windows Media Player: after several seconds, I see the file, but nothing happens after pressing play


Possible conclusion(s):

- Don't use audio notes with Evernote

- Don't use Windows



For another fun Windows issue, try this with Evernote open: Win+►  and then Win+Shift+F

Why does the window move again?

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I agree with "diverse", there are several ways voice recording isnt working.

Recorded using inbuilt recorder from an android phone. Recording saved in note as an AMR file and plays fine on android.

Can't playback on iPad, or iPhone.

Playback on desktop/OsX works.

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