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(Archived) Facebook doesn't identify Skitch direct links


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I just took a screenshot of something that I wanted to share on facebook. Usually, when you share a link to a jpg-file, the image is shown right in the posting, not in this case:


Is that a Facebook or Skitch related problem? Can anyone confirm this?


PS: Maybe a "Share on Facebook" feature wouldn't be a bad idea...

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi Julius,

There is a "share on Facebook" option in Skitch. After you've chosen to share your image, you can go to your skitch web account and select "Facebook" from the right share bar. It's at the top, right above Evernote Site Memory. This preserves the thumbnail as well.


We've looked into the direct links as well, and everything appears to be working fine, across multiple browsers. In cases where Facebook fails to fetch the thumbnail image, it will create links like it did with yours. Facebook caches this instance, so it's unlikely to work with the same link on repeat postings. You could try recreating the image again in Skitch and resharing, or or simply reposting, getting the images URL and trying again.

If this is a recurrent problem with other links though, let us know.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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