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Another rule of thumb I follow - KISS

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As in the adage, keep it simple stupid. I try to keep many of my notes short. I think this is helpful when trying to find a note. IE, I'm using Super to convert wmv files to mp4. I have one note titled "Settings when using Super to convert wmv to mp4" files with a screen cap highlighting the crucial settings. I have another note titled "Super puts the converted file in the same folder as the source." The body of the note is the single sentence that is the title. I may have another note that shows me the specs to use Super to convert say a wmv file to yet another file type. These notes could be easily be combined into one note. But then the title wouldn't be able to describe the two things stored in the note & I'd have to spend time reading the note to figure out if it had the info I'm looking for. I know this sounds goofy. But when I'm in a hurry & only need to know where the target files will be stored, it's so much easier when the notes are broken down this way, rather than having a single note that shows all the settings for the conversions I use and notes where the target file will be created. In that case, I'd have to weed through the note to find the settings for the conversion I'm doing at the time & maybe try to find the location where the target file will be stored.

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