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Skitch for Design Direction

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Even within the annals of this forum's relatively short history, I've used Skitch extensively to make quick markups to pass along to our vendor's in-house designers. Marking up wasted space, adjusting font darkness and size for readability and tightening up corners or expanding features all helped me direct without multiple phone-calls and walkthroughs. Way more effective than either a bulleted list or a phone call.

Designers on the receiving end like it because, well, they're visual people at heart. Flip open an exact image with notations concerning adjustments, and there's no grey area about what your next steps are gonna be.

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I agree. I markup web wireframes, and its super easy to drag into an email without having to save first, then attach. People think I'm spending a lot of unnecessary time in Photoshop making it look like that.

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