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(Archived) ONE search to search them all

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Can you search your notebooks and shared notebooks with one search?

I am trying to find the ONE search to search them all, but what I need to do is select the Account tab or the Shared tab and search in the respective notebooks but have not found the way to search both Account and Shared notebooks with one single search.

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BurgersNFries, thanks for the reply. Were is the suggestion box for Evernote as this would be quite a handy enhancement to allow a single search query cover all notebooks shared or not.

I've snagged this suggestion for internal discussion, thanks for posting!

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The message board is the place to post feature requests.

However, if you read the post I linked to, you'll see there is a big difference between your account & notebooks that are shared to you. As a result, I'm guessing there will not be a way to search both sections in one search. At least not now or in the near or not so near future.

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I did read the entire post which was interesting but as an employee of a software company I know that if enough customers ask for a feature it will be delivered. This may be too big a development effort for the current level of customer requests for it but if enough folks ask it will be done.

gbarry - would you please get back to us regarding the possibility of including this in a future build?

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