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Tracking Phone Messages with Evernote

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Last night I was speaking to a group, and chatted with one of the attendees after. We were talking about how we use Evernote, and he had a great idea I just had to share!

Remember those carbon copy phone message logs? I LOVED them. How about using a notebook in Evernote to do the same thing? What a simple and easy thing to do! I've already created one for me, and look forward to using it!

What do you do with your phone messages? How do you use Evernote this way?

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I have the Wacom tablet programmed so that when I get a call from work & I'm at my computer (I work from home), I press a button on it & it invokes the Phatpad software & I pick up the "pen", take the call & digitally write my notes. I can then either take a screen cap of the Phatpad note (if it takes up less than a screen) or the Phatpad file (if it requires more than I can capture in a screen cap). If I'm not at my computer, I'll use the whiteboard/Boogie Board. I can then take a picture of that & email it directly to my EN account.

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Not quite sure how I'd get my phone messages in there...can I forward them somehow from my cell, or would i need to go in and type a note for each one? Sounds like a great idea just not sure how to get started.

Well...since OP stated "Remember those carbon copy phone message logs?", I think she was talking about hand written ones. However...since you brought it up...I occasionally save voice messages. It depends upon your provider as well as your phone as to how you can save them. "Worst" case scenario, you get a USB voice recorder like an Olympus VNC 6200 & record on it while you playback the voice message from your phone. Then plug in the Olympus (or whatever) to your computer & transfer the audio file to your computer and/or Evernote.

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I use Google Voice - a free service. The program creates a written transcription of the voice message and drops it into my Gmail account.

The transcription process has improved significantly in the past year.

If I feel the message is important, I forward it via email to Evernote.

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Yes, you could certainly email a copy of your voicemail file (mp3 or other) into your Evernote account. However, a handwritten note works well too.

I also use Google Voice (have for several years) and it's fantastic! Easy to email messages into Evernote that way.

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I have captured handwritten notes for phone calls, but most of the time, I have my headset on and take typed notes in my "@phone-log" notebook. It's a good record to have with clients and sales.

I guess the thought hadn't occured to me to send the actual voicemail over. I can easily see notes I have taken in the past to refer to in the next conversation with that person. That's how I use it.

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I created a notebook for voicemail since I get so many messages. As I listen to each message that day, I create a check box, and type the person's name, contact info, and message. I also include messages from the carbon copies and sticky notes I get from my secretary or our volunteers. Then throughout the day, as I am able, I go to my notebook and return calls. When done with a message, I check the box, so I remember I made the call. I can also type notes as I talk to the individual. What is really cool is if we play "phone tag," I use the note link and paste it into my RTM "Waiting" list to remind me to call back if the call has not been returned. I can also create a new note if I have a lengthy conversation and link the notes together.

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