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(Archived) BUG: iSight note not working



I've looked for this topic with no luck.

When I click the "iSight" button to take a picture for a note, the iSight window is briefly displayed (1 or 2 seconds) it then disappears. It's not in the backround either. If I click it again, the iSight window comes up but nothing happens and I have to force-quit Evernote.

I have Version 3.0.2 (195746) and I've tried this on a Macbook Air and a Macbook Pro 17 inch. Both with Lion.

iSight works fine with other apps. It seems it 'hangs' iSight because if I go to another app that uses iSight--like Skype, it tells me iSight is being used by other application.


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Thank you for you reply!

I am on 10.7.2

I would be willing to use the beta test.

I just tried to replicate the problem on my wife's Macbook Air and it works ok on her. But on a friends Macbook it has the same bug.


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  • Evernote Staff

I've flagged your ticket for one of our techs to check out, sorry for the delay. It looks like you hopped queues in mid-support--which left you in sort of an open ticket limbo. We generally keep our response times very short.

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I've opened a ticket. They asked me for the Activity Log info. I sent it but didn't heard from them again. I really need to use iSight picture feature. Does anybody know if theres anything else I can do to make it work?


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I sent the Activity Log last Wednesday.

I have being doing that; taking the picture with other apps. It's just that it takes more steps to eventually have it in Evernote when it should work from Evernote itself.

I know it could be something in my computer, but I've created a new user with out any other proceses opened and it still does it. But a friend's evernote desn't have that problem.

So I guess I'll just have to wait.


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