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(Archived) Save button - best practices / autosave?


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With many tablet & smartphone apps you never have to click a 'save' button. One gets accustomed to never having to click a 'Save' button anymore with slick applications like EN.

But it seems that you need to click 'Save' on the tablet app. I found that out after looking for meeting minutes from an intense 1 hour meeting. Seem to be gone forever since I never clicked 'Save'.

Is there an autosave option? It is set to sync ever 60 minutes.

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The web client has "autosave" & some people have been annoyed by that b/c it auto saved something they didn't want.

IME, auto syncing every 60 minutes for a one hour meeting is not good. Why only sync once? I know when using Word/Excel/Publisher, I press CTRL-S to save my work. Probably every 5-10 minutes or so.

IMO, the key to using technology successfully is to use it carefully/wisely & knowledgeably. Any system (even paper & pen) is susceptible to failure. (My dog ate my homework. Device battery died, device died, etc.) The key is to use something you are familiar with & are comfortable with the reliability of, so you can reduce the chance of failure. I would never rely upon an app that I didn't know intimately for an important meeting. FYI.

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