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(Archived) Color coded notes



I just tried searching on 'color' in the forum and it told me it couldn't use that term. Sorry if this has been asked before.

I'm a fairly new user. I was wondering if there was a way to color code an entire note (not the text within the note). That way, if I'm looking at my main menu of all my notes, I can quickly see ones that I want to stand out.

I've gone through the menu items and I don't see a way to do that. Curious if this is something that Evernote would consider or note.

On a separate note, the decrypt/encrypt text is HUGE for me.



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Thanks for the quick responses.

And I would put up a strong argument that color coding is not eye candy but rather, if done well, a great design implementation.

For now, I could organize my notes using various notebooks but then I would have to make two clicks to filter out the notebook I want. Color coding would allow me to filter without clicking.

And just to be clear, from what little time I've spend with this app, I love it. I've told multiple people to consider using it. I'm just scratching the surface.

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I would put up a strong argument that color coding was more important with hard copies. My hard copy expense report file was bright purple & stood out from all the other files. It was important because it meant getting money back! :) I always wanted it easy to find quickly b/c it was easy to stuff receipts into & easy to find when I'd get the notice that I needed to have my expense report in by fiscal YE. (Or ELSE!) OTOH, using a tool such as Evernote & either using a saved search or a hotkey/Activewords search to find my unreimbursed expenses is SO much quicker than dealing with the hard copy. Color coding, IMO, becomes a mostly moot point (or a "moo point" if you're a "Friends" fanatic) and (d)evolves into eye candy when dealing with electronic/easily search-able/retrievable data.

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Point well-taken. When one has a very limited number of notes, I can see color coding being of value (which is where I am now). But with more notes, it becomes less and less useful (which is where I hope to be). I would still derive some value from color coding but thanks for helping along my thought process.

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