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(Archived) Difference between attachment and inserting into the note

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I was wondering what the difference was between attaching a file to a note vs dragging and dropping the file straight into the note itself. For example, if I scanned a bunch of documents, what would be the difference if I attached them to a note vs if I dragged them into the note.

I can see that there is a visual difference, i.e., when I drag and drop them into the note, they actually appear as part of the note vs if I were to attach them, they don't appear as part of the content of the note. However, are there any other differences that I should be aware of, like ability to search those Evernote-OCRed JPEGs?



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You didn't say which client you're using (usually it's best to post in the forum specific to that client). Seems to work identically in the Windows client, with images anyways. They both appear as part of the note content.

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