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Welcome to the World of Evernote and Public Speaking

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Welcome to the new Evernote Lifestyle Public Speaking forum. I am excited about pooling our knowledge to become more efficient—and effective—in using Evernote as a tool in our public speaking toolbox.

I personally use Evernote as one of my main speaking tools. Every new speech starts there. I also use Evernote to store my best illustrations, anecdotes, and quotes.

My role here is to moderate the discussion and, when possible, answer questions or point you to other solutions. I also hope to learn from your experience.

Please feel free to post your questions, frustrations, tips, and best practices. Thanks.

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I use Evernote for Mac as my main tool for research, writing, and especially sermon writing. I use the Evernote app for iPad for public speaking. However, there are several features that I would love to see implemented to make it more suitable for public speaking.

  1. On the iPad and iPhone, there are formatting options: Section, Subsection, Paragraph, and Blockquote. This helps break the text up and make it more useful for speaking outlines. However, the Mac app does not have these formatting shortcuts. Adding these to the Mac app would make it so much better!
  2. The default font size on the Mac app is perfect for me. However, when I use Evernote on my iPad, that default font size is very small, and can be difficult to read while speaking. I would love to see a large font switch on the iPad app that would increase the viewing size of all the fonts without actually changing them in the note.
  3. When speaking from Evernote for iPad, when I touch the screen to scroll in a note, I often accidentally pull up the editing keyboard. I would love to have a button at the top that would prevent the editing keyboard from coming up.

Numbers 2 and 3 above could possibly be combined into one button, in effect turning Evernote for iPad into "public speaking" mode. In my opinion, these updates would make Evernote the perfect app for any public speaker!

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