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Welcome to the World of Evernote and Blogging

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Welcome to the new Evernote Lifestyle Blogging forum. I am excited about pooling our knowledge to become more efficient—and effective—in using Evernote as a tool in our blogging toolbox.

I personally use Evernote as one of my main blogging tools. Every blog posts starts there. My role here is to moderate the discussion and, when possible, answer questions or point you to other solutions. I also hope to learn from your experience.

Please feel free to post your questions, frustrations, tips, and best practices. Thanks.

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First of all Michael, I'd like to thank you for providing so many excellent online resources for learning to use Evernote. Any video or article by you always commands my attention, 'cause i know it'll be good. I started learning about Evernote about 10 days ago and I feel like a a Spaniard who stumbled into Eldorado or something, so much fun have I had. Right now I'm looking around for information on how to best make my daily Evernote journal entries open to the public. Sounds like the definition of "blog" doesn't it? For someone like me who is not very familiar with HTML or sophisticated formatting techniques, what is the simplest and best way to start out sending my journal entries to Wordpress?

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Hi Michael - do you know of a good Evernote to HTML tool? Many of the posts I write at 47hats start out in in Evernote, then go to WordPress. But, lists in an EN note do not become HTML lists.


If you don't have any embedded images or attachments, then ENML actually uses a subset of standard HTML. You can use Stephan Heuel's ENML editor (http://enml-editor.ping13.net/) to view the contents of your note. Then, just select and copy/paste everything between "<en-note>" and "</en-note>" into an HTML page.

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I personally use Evernote as one of my main blogging tools.

Thank you for this. I know you posted this awhile ago, but I'm just now becoming an eager audience for blogging workflow ideas. (Longtime EN user, but blogging noob.) I'm wondering have you converted your template that you use into Kustom Note, that new template trunk app? (--Or, for that matter, has anyone else put their blogging template up?) It's a cool site, but nearly impossible to wade through the public templates to find what you're looking for, so if you have put something up, please post the link. Thank you!


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KustomNote won second place in the devcup and the developer is very active with it, so I expect lots of great things from it. I heartily recommend a combination o Evernote and Everblog. I am testing it now, and so far it is working well. I imagine a combination of KustomNote an Everblog would be quite impressive. I hadn't thought of that before :)

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