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(Archived) Grouped Tagging (implemented via Applescript)



Last week I posted a couple of AppleScripts I'd written to address a few topics I and others had been asking after.

  1. Configurable templates.
  2. Tagging multiple notes (like Ctrl-Alt-T in the Evernote Windows )

I'm one of those people who uses relatively simple tag names, but as a consequence use multiple tags most of the time. Because I've organized my Evernote stuff in a way that I'm happy with, I want to keep it consistent. I don't want to have to remember five or six tags for every category of my life. So what I'm posting today is a Grouped Tagging AppleScript that simplifies the process of consistently assigning the same sets of tags on multiple notes. There is a Skitched-up screenshot right below this post. The code is in a shared Evernote note at this link.

If you define a set of tags as a group with a name of your choice, running this script will give a listbox from which you can pick among your groups, and all the tags of your group get assigned to all the selected notes, at once. Just define the tags for each group in the top of the AppleScript and you are tagging away.

I strongly recommend defining saved searches accordingly, using the "tag:" nomenclature.


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