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(Archived) Deleting multiple posts at once?

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Sorry if this topic has been discussed before. I searched the forums and didn't see anything, so I have to ask here.

1. Is it possible to delete more than one post at a time? (I'm talking about delete forever, not move to the trash.)

2. Do posts in the trash count against the 100,000 post limit?

(I know it might be absurd to think about this limit. The only reason I'm doing so is because I'm in the process of setting up Evernote to be my RSS reader. Given the activity of the feeds I follow, it's possible that, between the posts I create and the ones that come in automatically through the feeds, I'll end up with 100,000 posts within a couple years. I don't want to then confront the nightmare scenario of having to delete thousands of posts, one at a time. And the only way to avoid reaching 100,000, including in the trash, would be to delete forever, one at a time, thousands of posts over the course of a year, which would also be a major hassle.)

[EDIT: Sorry, obviously, by "posts" I mean notes.]

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On the mac, you can command+click - I'm sure Windows does something similar (ctrl+click?) to select multiple items.

There is however no hard delete, so everything goes to the trash first.

You might be better off using a proper RSS reader that integrates with Evernote. I use one called Reeder on my Mac and I can select the items that I want to send to Evernote and the app takes care of the rest.

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Sorry for not being clear, Metrodon. I know that if you have multiple notes selected and you hit Delete, they all get moved to the trash. What I'm hoping exists is a way to permanently, totally erase multiple notes at a time, without having to click "Erase Note" (while in trash) one by one by one by one to permanently erase them. I'm fine with a two-step delete process (moving to trash before permanently erasing), but what I'm trying to find is a way to mass-erase from the trash.

I've used Google Reader for the last half decade, and if switching to Evernote doesn't work the way I want to, I'll probably stick with that. But Google Reader deletes items older than 30 days, and though I can send items to Evernote by starring them, I then have to apply tags within Evernote. I'd much rather use what I've set up the last few days (through ifttt.com), which is direct sending of all feeds' posts straight into Evernote, with tags already applied, so I can just read in Evernote and have items permanently saved, easily searchable, and available offline (except for those I don't need saved, which I'll delete, which is the point of this all). Does Reeder automatically apply tags by feed when you send posts to Evernote? (If I know that with Reeder I can do exactly what I want, I might buy it.)

And does anyone know the answers to the two questions in my first post on this thread?

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Thanks a lot, Owyn and BNF. I rarely use my netbook, but now I know that when I need to delete dozens, hundreds, or thousands of posts, I'll boot up that computer and get rid of all of them quickly.

I also should have tried this earlier, but I just tested the web client and, though it's not as fast as you two say the Windows client is, it allows for much faster multiple erasing than the Mac client does (you have to select the multiple notes one at a time by holding Command/Ctrl, but then you just click Delete once to permanently erase them).

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