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(Archived) Suggestion box / Votes to upgrade specific aspects of Evernote

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Hi there,

I absolutely love evernote and have been waiting years for something like this to come out.

Every now and then I have ideas about how it could be made better be other than this forum there is no real way to give suggestions.

For my Photography I am a member of Smugmug.com and they have a system that I think is brilliant.

They assign each member a number of votes and then people create polls with specific things they want updated [E.g Bigger upload limit, more subcategories, different language support etc] and the users collective vote on which is most important to the wide variety of paying users. This way you guys can see which is most important and it gives a great way for users to have direct input into making this great software even better.

Or at least a suggestion box/form in the evernote program perhaps in the account details box.



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This has been discussed quite a bit already. All indications are that EN is not interested in anything like that. They do read all posts on the board, though & that's been the normal way of doing feature requests. But EN seems to know where they want to go with their products. However, with the launch of the new message board, there seem to have been many changes. So maybe they will adopt something like this, later.

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Or at least a suggestion box/form in the evernote program perhaps in the account details box.

I and other employees regularly log feature requests on this board. Resultant user feedback from a specific request also usually helps us narrow things down past the initial OP request. There should also be a "Feature Request" option in our support ticket queue that we review.

As far as polling for feature requests, we feel this would be a little unfair to users in a few ways. First, we're adhering pretty strictly to a roadmap of feature rollouts, bug fixes and parity plans across ~15 platforms, all of which are also impacted by individual client updates. While our roadmaps are definitely 100% without a doubt impacted and adjusted by user feature requests, bug reports, etc (I cannot stress this enough so it gets underlined and bolded), the roadmap is also set by our development team based on all of these variables. We'd be doing everyone in our community a disservice if we rolled out a poll that gave you a false sense of choice over any of these variables.

If some of this sounds like corporate speak, I apologize. At any rate, at best it's tricky, but I wanted to answer you as best I could. I'm toying around with some possible polls that we could use everyone's help with, that is definitely certain. If it turns out one day we're able to rollout a feature request poll, trust me, we will. :)

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