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(Archived) Fatal Error - Evernote has encountered a problem.


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Hi all,

I just got my first proper error with EN (I think)

I had one note that contained images and text open and opened another note that contained only a pdf file.

Upon opening the pdf, I was prompted with the error.


I have sent the error report with the above info via the message. Just reporting here as well.

EN seems to be working as it should after that, and the note/pdf can be opened.

Windows 7 64bit

Evernote for Windows (196948) Prerelease

Evernote Support Number:

(Case 307081) Evernote.exe v. (0xc0000005) EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading from 0x019fb3e0 at 0x004423af



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I am also facing the same issue. I think its some problem with the latest version of Evernote. You can use the Evernote webapp available as a Google Chrome application for viewing all the notes connected to your account.

I think that Scott knows that he can use the web app if he needs it. :)


On the other hand, this may or may not be the same bug; I hope that you submitted the crash report, if there was one, and if not, opened a support ticket.

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