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(Archived) Is it me or Evernote service is gradually getting slower?

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For the last couple of month's evernote has been functioning slowly for me across web/desktop/iOS clients (and different internet connections).

Individual notes take over a minute to load, and those with files/images take forever....


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The web access speed has improved dramatically for me over the past 6 months.

The Windows desktop client absolutely screams along.

The big disappointment has been the iOS clients - specifically iPod Touch - that is a real bear sloth to use. It is so slow I don't use it anymore.

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My iPod has been buggy the last few weeks. I had an entirely different problem, uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, and now I have new problems. Tonight it is Cocoa error 133020 and failed synchronization. Ugh.

I don't know if it is "slower", but it certainly is not snappy. I still use it, but I would certainly not mind more speed.

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