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Organizing lesson plans in Evernote


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I am getting ready to start organizing my lesson plans so I am ready to do some flight instruction (for fun.) I will create a notebook for each Phase of flight training and share the resultant notebook/plan with the student as they get to that level.

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I suppose it depends on what you are doing. I prepare the syllabus, make a note for each day of the class I plan to teach, and then fill them up!

I name the files with the date ("111024") the class name ("Economics 411") and the title of the lecture / theme of the discussion ("Keynesian Kool-Aid"). I don't put them in folders. I give them two tags: "class" and the class designation "econ411". If I have a handout, it gets a title like "111024 Economics 411 Keynesian Kool-Aid handout". Same tags.

If I have reference material I want to read, all of that is part of a whole other tagging system, but I just stick in links to those notes.

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I don't know if I am answering the question you have posed but I personally don't organize my files that much. Since I started using Evernote on a more regular basis I basically take every file I use and integrate it into one of two school folders, a private folder and a public folder. I assign each note a title and tag most of them as well. Presentations, worksheets, websites clippings. The works. I end up throwing them into my Evernote system as I go.

I find that the search feature is so powerful that I don't really have to do much more than that.

Hope that helps.

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As a trainer-consultant, I do not know if what I am writing here applies to this section, still... here it is ;-)

- I used to be a Mac Journal user, then came EN!

- I need quite a lot of flexibility in my day(s) planning, ie. I know that at the end of the day(s) I will have covered a certain number of topics, but most of the time, the order in which they are covered depend very much on the input and feedback from the participants.

- Therefore I use the checkboxes for each topic. As the day moves on, I click checkboxes corresponding to the topics/activities/ideas covered. As I glance at my desktop (could be iPad or iPhone too --then it's a matter of wether I can do wifi synch or not: if I cannot, I will obviously stick to one piece of equipment) I see what is covered and not and I can steer the discussion in a suitable direction.

- Also, what I like a lot with EN is the ability to have photos in the notes. I sometimes have to draw complicated stuff on flipchart, but I am not the kind of guy who drags his precious flipcharts neatly rolled up from training room to training room (although I have a lot of respect for my colleagues who do so). This is when I can use (preferably) my iPad and find all the info I need.

- I have noticed that having the written content + the photos of previous content allows me to improve on my production, ie. I make it better as time goes by, and photos of more recent flipcharts get to replace older ones, thus allowing my work to progress and create living content rather than un-moveable stuff.

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I have my stuff separated by subject...so a "plans" stack. I put all of my plans for a certain unit in the corresponding (like SS, Science, LA, Math)stacks-- ----In those notes are all my Smartnotebook files, urls, ideas, pictures...everything--I use the copy note link all the time....

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"Keynesian Kool-Aid"

This is so legit. Do you do any direct sharing to students from it, or is it all lesson plan prep?


it's lesson plan prep, but also power points, images, corrected papers, email correspondence, and so forth. i've been thinking about sharing a notebook with the students in my next class. i relied on blackboard a lot this semester, but i don't like the software that much, and i would like to avoid using it in the future. in fact, one of the most annoying things about blackboard is that i cannot upload files from my ipad to it (i tried icab mobile and other browsers, but so far no success).

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