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Evernote has been great on my Mac; using it for trade journal notes on investments & other stuff.

Helpful would be a text color icon (like the one above) that could be inserted into the toolbar rather than going to Format>Text Color. Not a big thing; just useful.

Good trade/day

Hide your head in shame

& the notes about other things.


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Like GrumpyMonkey, I don't spend a lot of time formatting my notes. I normally treat them as I would a Post-It or the back of an envelope where the important thing is to just make my notes. If I need special formatting, I prefer to use an app that's designed for that purpose (In my case, Word, Publisher). I either then add that file to Evernote for safe keeping or print it to a PDF which is then added to Evernote. I only occasionally change the color of the text in my notes & don't find the dropdown box (on Windows client) a hindrance.

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Hi airform1, our current EN 5.0.5 does have easy access to bold and color on the rich text formatting editor. 


See attached screenshot for where the color selector is located: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s11/sh/eef1c502-c0e9-481b-82f9-fe5cdad37978/7c5f9e0141bbbad8b0ea2224f2391ee1


You can also have quick access to bold and color through keyboard shortcuts of CMD-B for bold and SHIFT-CMD-C for color selector.


Hope that helps!

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