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UPDATE: New beta resolving the close button and extension conflicts issues.


Howdy Folks,

We'd like to invite the community to a beta version of Firefox Web Clipper with following new capabilities: (version

- Support for FF 8

- Redesigned native clipping

- Article clipping enabled for native

- Improved clip quality both web & native

- Better native UX integration on both Windows & Mac

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Hi jbignert,

Is it right that I cannot adjust the selection level of the article clips (a la chrome)

At the moment, what is selected by the article selection is not adjustable.

Firefox 7.01

Win 7 64bit



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Ok, just checking :)

So far, it seems to be clipping well. I haven't done many proper clips, just some random ones of this thread...

My thoughts so far:

- I really like the streamlining of it. If I select text then it is clipped. No extra windows etc. (This is the way I prefer to work. Clip a page, open the note via the tray tip, then edit.)

- I like the drop down options when you initially select the EN clipper. (Though it would be better to make it possible to use the arrow keys to select the different clipping methods)

I have only tested clipping to the desktop version. Will try a to the web in a little while.

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I have installed the beta version in FF8 on the Mac (Lion) all is well except the toolbar icon is squished vertically. I was able to fix this by editing the webclipperOverlay.css file located in <evernote extension folder>/chrome/skin/classic/webclipper4/mac. I changed the following sections height from auto !important to 24px and now the button renders correctly. Not sure if that helps at all, I am not a FF extension developer so this might be the wrong way to resolve it...

toolbar[iconsize=small] #webclipper3-button {

list-style-image: url("chrome://webclipper3/skin/elephant.png");

width: auto !important;

height: 24px;


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Yes we noticed this as well and it is caused by Firefox after the update is now defaulting to what they call 'small icons'. You can change that setting in View > Toolbars > Customize in a checkbox at the bottom of the dialogue, unless you really want to change code :-)

Thanks for the report.

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[Edit, just saw this is a known issue, looking forward to a fix]

If I open a second or third browser window the clipper interferes with my ability to close anything but the first window I had open. I can close multiple browser windows from the task bar or file menu, but I can't close anything but the first opened window from the upper right close button in the browser unless the clipper is disabled.

I thought it could be malware causing this, but individually disabling add-ons I figured out it was the clipper (the beta and previous version) in FF8 Win 7

Clues to a fix?

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