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(Archived) changing display name

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i'm sure i'm missing a very obvious step, but could use some assistance. i'm trying to change my display name but when i enter my password (the same one i used to log into the forums) it is telling me it is the wrong password. the week must be catching up to me because i am not sure what i missed....

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I am having the same issue.

Both my Evernote account password and the previous forum password, none of them work to change the display name.

Also, it is not possible to reset the password saying the current password is invalid.

This is actually expected behavior, so everyone in this thread is not crazy. There's no password information stored on this forum, b/c we want to keep your Evernote password securely with your Evernote account.

I'm looking into a workaround for the forum to let you change your usersname, but right now anyone who is unable to link to their old forum history or wants a different username change will need to PM me.

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