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(Archived) [bug] search for Chinese content fail !

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Software version: EverNote V3.0.0681(32922)

OS version : Windows XP + SP2

It is fail to search for Chinese key string . Before, In EN2.2 time, we can add a specific character,such as "*" or "'", before the key string , and search well. But in EN3.0 time , this way is invalid.

It has led me can not use this big tool. Please do some thing for this. Thanks.

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Thanks for the report. We currently don't handle Chinese (or Japanese, or Korean) very well in our search engines. This is a known problem that we plan to address when we add localized support for these languages.

The new Evernote Beta builds a full "text index" for notes to allow fast searching over large databases. This requires that we split your notes into individual "words" so that you can search for words. This is easy in European languages, which separate words with spaces and punctuation, but it is harder for Chinese. We know how this can be improved, but this will require specialized work for us to complete and test correctly.


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