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(Archived) email Contact List and Alerts


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Someone pointed out recently that Evernote web will accept a cut and pasted list of email addresses in the "share" dialogue; so short term work around -

  1. keep one note with a list of sharees' email addresses, a link to your web home screen, and a "mailto:" link to yourself.
  2. when a shared note changes, open the "master" sharing note in a separate window
  3. either go to your shared note on the web and resubmit the address list, or use the mailto: link (and the BC field) to tell everyone it changed.
  4. add your copy of the email to your note as a changelog(?)


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No way! I cannot believe it! Evenote is a productivity tool and is updated very regularly, how come is so difficult to integrate the contact list from your Mac when you want to share a note?

Pls. give it a 5 min. thought!

I'm sure they've given it a "5 min. thought". Apparently it's either not as easy to implement as users think it is or...it's just not a high priority.

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