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(Archived) Feature Request: Parallel usage this month and days left in month.



When you pull up the account info panel, you see the amount of your allotted data you've used so far this cycle, and the amount of time before the next cycle begins. There's a big bar that shows you quite nicely how much data you've used, but in reality that number is useless without the day of the cycle next to it. If the two were juxtaposed, with two parallel bars, you could see exactly how your data usage compares to the amount of time left in the month, letting you know if you're going to need to upgrade your account.

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I'm Windows, not Mac. Attached is how the Windows usage info looks. It sounds like your description matches what I'm seeing. If so, it's pretty easy to guesstimate how you're doing. In my screenshot, I know I am midway b/c the cycle is 30 days & the Windows client goes to zero days left before the rollover. I can see I've used 40% of my allotment. If I know I have ~7-8 days left in my cycle, I'd want to be ~75%. Etc. Additionally, the bar gets darker until your usage extends into the 4th quarter, when it turns red.


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