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(Archived) Searching in all notebooks from search box

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Is there a way to indicate all notebooks when typing in a search query? For instance, I know I can use notebook:"Books" to select that notebook for the search, but how do I select all notebooks? I've tried notebook:* but no joy.

I ask because I like to use F3 to get to the search box, but then I would still have to click on "all notebooks" in order to broaden my search past the current notebook.

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Interesting question. Our grammar defines that if the 'notebook:' is ommitted, the search should be performed on all notebooks (this is how saved searches work if you omit the notebook name), but in search bar we always apply the search to the currently filtered notes unless a valid 'notebook:' is provided, and the only way to change this behavior is to select the notebook using mouse. So, there definitely should be some way to explicitly use 'all notebooks' as a target, and 'notebook:*' is a good candidate.

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Dear Iafanasyev,

I would like to know when we will have the syntax list we can use in our written search. I think I read a post of yours, some time ago, where you said it was going to be published. That would be quite helpful.

And I would like to know if I have to go on with my "battle" about the "any:" and the "*" in the Windows and Web version... I received the news of the upgrades yesterday, but still see that both problems are there.

(By the way, I'll be unable to follow that battle on the Iphone as I am a 1.1.4 cracked (yes, cracked!!!) Iphone and will have to wait for the version 2 install... 8) )

If I may suggest something, it would be to make the windows LIKE the web (with the all/any) field, and with the multiple selection available. The windows version is just too restrictive and simply cannot be used... (by me, obviously) in real world use.

Best regards


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