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(Archived) Support for lexers (syntax highlighting)

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I write some code, and every now and then i write a function or want to remember a certain way to do something, and Evernote is almost perfect for storing such code, however:

When i copy-paste from the editor of choice, i loose syntax coloring.

I've solved this in two different ways:

1. copy from editor to another editor that has syntax coloring, and support to export to html

open the html file, and copy it from there to Evernote

=> This gives me searchable, editable text, but is alot of work each time.

2. Grab a screenshot of the editor with the code.

=> This gives me a searchable (but not editable) image.

Would there be a way to either add support for syntax highlighters, ie from scintilla?


Could there be a way to convert an image to text? (youre already indexing it, could it not also convert it to colored text?)


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Well thats what ive been doing, (copy from Flash IDE to Scite (wich have highlighting) export to html, then mark and cut into Evernote. Its just a bit of a hassle.

(But it's just as much Flash's fault, when copying code from the IDE, it doesnt put anything but pure text in the clipboard. No RTF, not HTML no nothing :lol:


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I'm working on a code snippet tool that integrates with Evernote called Sniptastic! http://www.sniptastic.com/ It's still in the early stages, but development is going very quickly. It has syntax highlighting and a plugin for Visual Studio. If you like it, please vote for it since I entered it into the Evernote Developer Competition. http://www.evernote.com/about/etc/sniptastic.php Thanks!

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Thanks, i tested it and voted for it, but its business model crashes alittle bit with my "preferred" work process.

My goal is to have as few steps possible between my editor and Evernote, I would prefer not to have a secondary service host the actual snippets.

However it could very well be very close to what i need, but i suspect that will break your goal.

1. the text published to Evernote should also be with highlighting (now it turns up in black in the Evernote GUI) (just HTML format whatever is sent to Evernote)

2. create plugin for Notepad++

Thanks for the effort though. I will experiment a little with it to see if i can use it

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Sorry about not replying sooner. I forgot to subscribe to this thread and didn't get any notifications.

A few other people have mentioned highlighting the actual text within Evernote, so I'm going to make that a priority. Also, Notepad++ seems to be a pretty popular editor, so a plugin is likely in the future.

Thanks for the feedback and the votes - they're both invaluable.

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Turns out there are benefits to being one of the few users who has provided feedback. :)

Last night I learned the Notepad++ plugin API, and the new plugin is about %30 complete. I'll post here when it's available, as well as on the blog, forum, and Twitter.

Highlighting within Evernote is harder than it sounds, because it's currently done with JavaScript on the fly (if you look at the page source for Sniptastic!, you'll see that the code snippets are

 blocks with mostly plain text.  I will figure something out, though.

Both of these will have to wait several days because I have to prepare for my presentation at the Evernote Trunk Conference. Thanks for your patience!

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