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(Archived) Chrome extension autocompletes with "shift" (Shouldn't)


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Hitting shift while typing the name of a tag in the Chrome extension autocompletes whatever tag is currently popped up in the list. That's frustrating because it's rarely selecting the correct tag when I hit shift so then I have to delete the tag and re-type it.

I've begun the process of teaching myself not to hit shift while typing in a tag, but I figured I'd let you guys know so you could fix it.

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I see the issue you're having with shift, but just out of curiosity, why are you hitting shift? Do you capitalize your tags? I'm a regular "tab" hitter once I've arrow keyed down to the correct autocomplete, but I don't think I ever hit shift.

Just wondering. Questions like this help us appropriately design interface.

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Ah, right. I've tended to stay away from punctuation in tag names (except for a small number of '_' or '@' prefixed tags, and noe other exception, noted below). That may be a superstitious holdover from my early experience, where tags with punctuation seemed to cause some search difficulties.

The other exception tag, "C++" (a common one in my Evernote world), which causes the auto tag matching in the clipper to hiccough a bit when it encounters the first '+' if it's not the first tag being entered, in fact, 'C++' doesn't even appear in the list of suggestions: on pressing 'c', I get a list of tags containing the letter 'c' (except for 'C++'), headed with 'Music', and with 'cusic' in the tag control (with 'usic) highlighted) then when I hit the shift key, the suggestion list disappears, and i see 'cusicusic' in the tag control (with the final 'usic' highligted), then when I hit '+' I get 'cusic+' as the proposed tag name. Usually I just back through to the 'c', and if I hit '+' at that point, I see 'C++' in the ist, and I just select it.

So yeah, I do agree that the tag entry could be cleaned up a bit...

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