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OK, thanks for the headsup - looks interesting, though I'm always suspicious of "new" ways of working that are often a) pretty much the same as all the other "new" ways I've tried over the years*, :)** messes with the rough but working system I currently have, and c) adds a(nother) learning curve to my crowded day. I signed up for the beta though..

*about 2,000 years ago when the world was young, the cool way to move input was APBF - Act on it, Pass it on, Bin it or File it.

** if "b"+")" shows up as a smiley, don't blame me..

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I am in the process of testing/learning Zendone.

At this point it is working well but with a lot of known limitations and very incomplete (WIP) documentation.

Using it will probably have a major impact on how I use Evernote, so I am being slow and careful about learning the tool.

Current conclusion: Good enough to get started in understanding what it does. Likely I will switch to using it from my current Remember The Milk/Evernote configuration. Also likely that it will be another month or so before the app is ready for prime time.

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The developers at Zendone seem to have a pretty good grasp on what needs to be done next. The key issue with them will be having resources to do everything that needs to be done in order to compete (iOS apps, Android support, etc).

It's a great start and clearly a leap beyond other attempts that have been made to interface Evernote to GTD apps. Evernote plays a central role in Zendone vs. Nozbe and others where it simply serves as a project or task notes tool. Zendone "gets" the use of Evernote as a universal in-box. I'd echo Owyn in saying that it's not quite ready to debut yet, but I've already switched to it because it's structured so well for my workflow.

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I started deep diving into Zendone this week and after a bit of stumbling around I've decided it really is the missing piece of my 'GTD' puzzle. I always have felt like I have two Inboxes - Evernote and whatever GTD app I'm using at the time. I often have to go back and forth/synchronize/decide between the two. I love that it is all the same place now. I also live in GCal (everything is synchronized and shared there - personal calendar, work calendar, family shared calendars, etc) so this helps me manage my time much better as I can just drag around and slot tasks between meetings throughout my day and it's all pushed back into Zendone. Evernote <-> Zendone <-> GCal. Love it.

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i started testing Zendone as well and truly like the possibilities. It is still in beta so they are still working out bugs and adding functionality but it looks very promising. I've been looking for an alternative to Remember the Milk since they have yet to add true Evernote integration (although i do share actions to RTM from evernote and use note links, it is not seamless) and Nozbe et al just never quite fit the bill.

The only thing that will keep me from dropping RTM and fully utilizing Zendone just yet is an android app. RTM's android list widget is pretty essential for me at this point. And for some reason i have found RTM's igoogle widget easier to use for quick adds and reshuffles than their website.

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Zendone is, in my view, the only task management app that has truly 'nailed' integration with Evernote. Everything you create in EN pops up in the Zendone inbox, where you can review, classify and process all your 'stuff' in true GTD fashion. Non-action items are sent to the relevant EN folder; you can also specify in which EN folder notes should be archived once the task is complete. Describing this process makes it sound more complex than it is - the workflow is thought through very nicely. Notes attached to a task can be edited in either EN or Zendone and are synched quickly and reliably across the two apps.

For more detail about how Zendone provides a multiplier effect to Evernote, read my recent post at http://purplezengoat.com/2012/06/18/setting-up-a-gtd-workflow-evernote-or-zendone/

My blog also has a more detailed review of Zendone and a comparison of what 'Evernote integration' means for other apps (including Omnifocus, Things and Nozbe). As Calipidder pointed out above, Zendone also provides great integration with GCal.

I find it stimulating to have easy access to the contents of my notes within the one app. Zendone is still in beta but mobile apps (for iPhone and iPad) are being developed. As an interim solution you can run the browser version on Safari on your iPad. Watch this app - it will be a game changer!



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Zendone is still in beta but mobile apps (for iPhone and iPad) are being developed. As an interim solution you can run the browser version on Safari on your iPad. Watch this app - it will be a game changer!

Zendone submitted their iPhone app to the AppStore this past weekend. Hopefully, should be available in the next couple weeks at most. I've been using the beta and I can highly recommend it as a GTD solution that integrates Evernote and GCall very well.


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I discovered Zendone yesterday.  I started out thinking that I'd just try it out as I'm simultaneously reading Allen's GTD.  There's no iPad app yet (boo), so I didn't really want to pay for premium subs for both EN and Zendone, but the more I fiddle with it, the more I think it might be worth supporting the team working on it.  The only real wrinkle is the inability to bidirectionally support recurring events in google calendar.  Everything else is just gorgeous and works beautifully.

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