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(Archived) Insufficient SD card space


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Every time I try to create a note from my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) it says "Insufficient sdcard space. Pls delete some files from from the SDcard to free space"

I have 1.78gb free on my SD card, internal storage on the phone might be very low but my SD card has a large amount of space. What is wrong??

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I'd suggest you submit a support ticket to our support queue, to the link in my signature.

That'll allow use to get some more detailed information from you and get you taken care of.

Thanks for working through this with us.

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My wife gets this identical error message on her Motorola Atrix G4 phone but I do not get it on my Motorola Atrix G4. If this has been solved I would appreciate an answer. If I need to submit a support ticket could you please advise me how to do that.

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