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(Archived) How to achieve this?

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Suppose I have tags as follows:






Both parmesan and manchego are hard cheeses. Parmesan comes from cows and manchego comes from sheep.

Is there a way to point a tag to a tag? I.e. I don't want everything which is tagged with parmesan to have to also be tagged with cow and hard, I really just want to tag the "parmesan tag" with cow and hard.

Can this be done?


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No, you cannot point a tag at another tag, at least not in Evernote, which does not have semantically hierarchical tagging (i.e., physical hierarchy does not imply subclassing).

It does, however, make perfect sense to have multiple tags like "Cheese-Parmesan", "Cheese-Hard" and "Cheese-Cow".

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Personally, I would stick with the multiple tags, but to address your concern...

You could delete the last 3 tags (Cheese-Hard, Cheese-Cow, Cheese-Sheep) and create saved searches instead:

  • Cheese - Hard
    • any: tag:Cheese-Parmesan tag:Cheese-Manchego

Cheese - Cow

  • tag:Cheese-Parmesan

Cheese - Sheep
  • tag:Cheese-Manchego

So whenever you select the saved search Cheese - Cow, you will get all notes that are tagged with Cheese-Parmesan


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