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(Archived) Feature request: Notes bundle

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It would be great if several notes can be bundled. Notes bundle is similar to iPhone's folder; notes put on top of each other create a new bundle. Why?

A scenario:

A user is car shopping and collects various information about the models, prices, etc; stored in different notes. The s/he creates a bundle "car shopping" of these loose notes. In this way, the notes are much more organized; user can just click on the bundle to see various notes. Then; after buying the car s/he can just delete all the notes in this one bundle in one go.

Other examples:

  • Pie recipes

  • Statistics 101

  • Places in Europe to visit

This is different than merge notes or tagging. Thanks! :-)

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How is this substantially different than tagging? You use a unique tag to allow you to easily identify and isolate the relevant notes on your research, make your choice, and delete the notes (or maybe just remove the tag). You can merely click on the tag to see exactly those notes. Simple.

A separate notebook would do just as well, for that matter.

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