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(Archived) [Feature request] Adjustable audio quality


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I saw this request more than a year ago but not recently. I use Evernote for songwriting ideas, and often record small riffs or fragments on my iPhone. I LOVE the workflow, Evernote works better than any other approach I've tried, but recording at 8 kHz is a serious problem. It works, but I'd VERY much like the option for higher quality. I'm not recording hours of audio, the way I'm using it would be well within the free quota, even at 44.1 (though I do have a paid account). Considering all the other enormous data chunks I throw at Evernote, slightly larger audio files would be pretty minor as far as memory / quota is concerned...

I've seen older forum discussions, so before anyone suggests it, no, using a different app and transferring it to Evernote in various ways is not a good alternative for me. I would do that if I was desperate, but the entire appeal of using Evernote for this process is the flawless work flow where I can save / modify / annotate ideas as quickly as I have them without having to jump back and forth between apps before I forget some detail. I have used other apps for this in the past, and I switched to Evernote because it's SO MUCH better in every other way that it makes up for the poor recording quality... but if it had high quality recording as well that would make me very happy ;)

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I would vote for this as well.

I tend to only use EN for audio recording if have a quick idea that I need to get down where quality isn't vastly important. In the instances where quality matters more, my typical work-around is to recording using iPhone's built-in Voice Memo app, and then email that recording into EN with applicable search info so that I can find it later and link it up to any other applicable notes.

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Duly noted. I actually saw something similar recently posted--with the issue being the lower quality wasn't enabling for voice transcription software. We don't have any near-term plans for audio quality adjustments, so I'll let garychenc001 take it away:

But you can still get apps that record audio and then upload then to evernote.

Also, Keller, TX, represent!

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on the ipad and iphone i recommend the wonderful free app "recorder pro". it has several settings, is rock solid, and records in the background, so you can use evernote while it runs. if you play around with it, you'll get a sense for the size of files, and you'll know what settings to use if you want to upload later to evernote. remember, evernote has a 50mb per file upload limit, so you need to keep the files small, or mess with them later (i recommend the free software audacity for osx or windows) to compress them.

yes, it would be nice if evernote had options (i am a vociferous fan of options), but i think audio is not evernote's strong suit, others like recorder pro do it a lot better, and evernote ought to innovate with its core features. to whit, where in the world is my ability to change text size, fonts, or "save and continue"!? let's get to work on those, shall we :)

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I've been looking for a higher quality audio record that integrates a bit better into Evernote.  I think I found one.  It is called RecorderHQ.  It will work with DropBox, iCloud, but best of all, Evernote.  You can select different audio qualities such as sample rate, mono/stereo and file formats such as .m4a and .wav.  Once the recording is complete, you can trim the file, then send it to Evernote into the notebook of your choice.


Here is a link to the app:




They have a free version that has advertisments and cannot adjust the input level, but if it all looks good to you, you can upgrade to the full feature version for $2.99.





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