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(Archived) Exiting Fullscreen Bug



I ran a couple different searches on the following but was unable to find anyone else talking about it. I've been experiencing a particular bug stemming from using Evernote in fullscreen mode in Mac OS X Lion. I update to beta versions when available, but this particular issue has been present in each iteration since the incorporation of the fullscreen feature.

Evernote enters fullscreen mode properly, but after exiting fullscreen mode (possibly only after opening a note first) to return to the standard view, a "phantom window" is created. This can be seen when activating Mission Control, as the screen will show the two windows grouped together with the real one on top and the phantom window on bottom. This is even more apparent when using the App Exposé feature (activated by a three-finger swipe down on my MacBook Pro or on a Magic Trackpad). Activating this feature shows all open windows of a given app/program; doing this before entering fullscreen mode shows only the standard window that it should, while doing this after exiting fullscreen mode shows the standard window above a blank phantom window. The phantom window can't be closed (by Cmd-W type means). The only way to get rid of it is to exit out of Evernote completely and then reopen.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone else reproduce this? Again, I'm pretty sure this behavior has been present in each iteration of Evernote since adding the fullscreen feature (and in each update to Lion). I can recognize that a screenshot of this might be useful, but OS X wants no part of creating a screenshot while App Exposé is active.

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