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(Archived) Feature Request: Please add metadata to Evernote

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Hi all,

I've had an Evernote premium account for quite a while now but have never really used it much. The main reason being is that Evernote doesn't have the ability to add searchable metadata to notes. I've got a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 which I use for scanning all my paperwork to PDF with OCR and it works a charm. I've had this scanner pre-Evernote and it is excellant. However, what I want to do is scan receipts and other financial documents to Evernote and then add metadata for items like "transaction date", "transaction amount", "payer/payee name" etc and then be able to search and sort on that data. This is one of the main reasons I went to Evernote but I realised soon after that it doesn't have this functionality hence the reason I barely use it.

I currently use something called PDF-ShellTools http://www.rttsoftware.com/shelltools.html which has the ability to add data to PDFs (like I mentioned) and then view and sort this data in Windows explorer. I really wish there was a more elegant solution, like Evernote! :)

The ability to add something like XMP Metadata to PDFs (which is an ISO standard) with Evernote would be brilliant. Are there any plans to implement something like this on the horizon?


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Tags and titles are just that- they can't contain data. E.g. Imagine if you could specify a meta data attribute like transaction_amount with a value of x.xx for a receipt. Then when you get your credit card statement and see a transaction for $x.xx, you do a search in Evernote searching for meta data transaction_amount = x.xx and you find the receipt. That's what I'm talking about. I can't find a simple solution to do things like this in Windows without going to a full blown enterprise document management system. The closest thing I can find for managing this type of data is Windows Explorer with PDF-ShellTools (mentioned in my first post). Crazy I think.

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