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(Archived) lost android tablet version with 3.2.2 upgrade

Rob Grant

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Since July I have been enjoying the android tablet version. Great rich text editing, including checkbox insertion, a lovely uncluttered design in cool shades of grey.

Today an update to 3.2.2 has taken me back to the old green android phone look with less functionality and much less ease of use. Hours of googling have failed to get me anywhere so I would appreciate any suggestions as I am desperate to retrieve what had become a critical tool for me.

So has the tablet version disappeared? If so could I download an older apk and get it back? Or is it a matter of my device identifying itself to the market as a tablet rather than phone?

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Can you tell us what device you are using? We fixed what we considered to be a bug where devices that reported to be "large" but were too small or too low resolution to take advantage of the tablet version were running it. The Dell Streak is one example, but I'm sure there are many others. Many of the users of those devices have reported liking the new tablet interface, but that it wasn't very efficient with the screen real estate. We totally agreed, and that's why we fixed this and moved those less than 7" screens or lower resolution devices back to the phone version of the app. While it may not be a "new" interface, it is the best version of our app for those devices.

Rest assured we are always working to improve the app, so both the phone and tablet versions will continue to evolve and get better and better!

Sorry for any confusion,


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Hi, I've been really happy with the tablet user interface with Dell Streak(5 inch) and I'm bit dissapointed that the newest 3.2.2 version doesn't provide me a choice to use that instead of the default phone interface.

As the screen is noticeably larger than in most phones the default home screen is not really ideal, and it would be nice to at least get the option to use the tablet interface. It also seems that the phone buttons seem to scale down on streak different to other phones.

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Hi Jess,

thanks for the quick and detailed response. Like Ketosam I am using a 5" Streak and was very happy with the tablet interface. Is there any chance of our recovering this please? I bought this phone precisely because the screen is big enough to use in landscape with standard rather than mobile versions of websites and apps. If the market identification is the problem could not the apk be made downloadable somewhere, or some other means be found to let users opt in to the tablet version?

Best wishes, Rob

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You could find the older versions of the .apk but you might stumble soon something bad.

It would be nice for evernote to have a section for every single build, version, etc. So if a problem arrises after an update, you can install the older one instead. On their site but there's another site that does.

http://www.freewarelovers.com/android/a ... d_versions

I think you will find the older versions on the site.

I kind of dislike it how you cant downgrade the version in android.

It would be nice for evernote to have a downgrade button in case problems occur with the newest version.

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