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(Archived) Cant paste special characters

Mata Hari


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I wanted the Pi letter in the Greek alphabet

I opened Edit / Special Characters ...

All I could do was to copy it to the clipboard and then paste. This is what I got.


Unicode: U+220F, UTF-8: E2 88 8F

I think this is unacceptable

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So actually, if you had left your cursor in the title or notebody and then double click on the special character, it gets inserted as expected

Yes it does ...

But the variations of symbol do not work

And I see no Special Characters in the WIndows version

Nor is there anything mentioned in Knowledge Bases

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The variations will just depend on what font you've chosen. If you go switch the font, it should match the variation.

I'll reach out to someone about adding it to the knowledge base

For windows, there's a little built in thing if you go to: Start >> Run >> CharMap

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