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(Archived) Nozbe with Evernote: Security Question



I'm interested in people's opinions on opening up your Evernote data to an outside app. I've heard great things about Nozbe; I'm not paranoid about data security, but I try to be cautious. Can anyone offer insight on the security of sharing Evernote data with Nozbe? Thank you.

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Can anyone offer insight on the security of sharing Evernote data with Nozbe? Thank you.

No "insight" as such, but if you share information with Evernote you're relying on the security of its servers and your connection with them. Connecting to another service means two servers and (at least) two connections - they have to talk to each other as well as you. If you're happy with Nozbe's security, and since you've already shared with Evernote, I'd go for it - but see the other discussions hereabouts on the type of information that folks do entrust to Evernote and whether or not they use Evernote or Third Party encryption in some cases.

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I don't use Nozbe but I use several third party apps. In order for these apps to feed your EN account (at least the ones that allow you to sync notes, select notebooks, assign tags) have to have your login credentials to access your account. It's a bit scary. However, AFAIK, the apps store your login credentials on your computer/device only. The apps I use are pretty highly regarded in the EN community (Egretlist, FastEver, FastEverSnap) and it would not be beneficial for the app developers to put in something that would send them your login credentials so they could hack accounts. I suppose it's possible but so far, I've not heard of anything like this happening.

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