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(Archived) To Do List dissapeared in mid-shopping!


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I had been sharing my newfound wonder life organizer with everyone I knew, even a stranger at the car repair shop, which he downloaded along with Expensify right then and there. He was so thankful that I had showed him what I called 'my life changing app' - Evernote.

Later that same day, while standing in line at the parmacy, I was horrified when my very long, important 'to do list' I had been working on had just dissapeared. I was sick!

When I went to add a list item, I saw that evernote had an error (which I do not remember) but it creaded a double list right on my screen, my list was there and underneath was a copy of my list. A few seconds later it was gone.

I left without dropping off my script and started to worry about the reciepts I had been scanning into Evernote. I thought we were FINALLLY going paperless. Now, I wish I would have originals anyway. I logged into my account online, nothing. The title is there but the list is gone. Unbelievable!!

How can I be Very sure that all of my hard work isn't lost in the future? and...What the Freak Happened?

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The same thing has happened to me. In my case, it seems that EN tries to up-date the note every time I check a box. Pretty soon all the syncing scrambles the "most recent" property & the whole thing explodes.

I filed a service request, but no answer yet.


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Come to think of it, that was the first time I had checked boxes from my list, and less than a minute later, poof-gone! Important life ideas vanishing right in the middle of living is unacceptable for an app that boasts "remember everything". Obviously I can't, thats why evernote was created.

I really hope you get an answer, better yet, the solution.

I was ready to praise evernote on my blog, share with my network and present it to my husbands company. I think I will hold off on that until they fix it.

Trying to remember what was on my list, again.

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